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When it comes to protecting your family at home, you should do everything you can to ensure you do not have a rodent problem. Rodents carry numerous diseases and some can be fatal. If you have young children that come in to contact with rats or mice urine or feces then this could turn out to be deadly. Rodents can pass on Weil's disease which causes organ failure and causes about 58,000 fatalities a year.

How To Protect Your Household From Rodents

Rats and mice, one small unguarded entrance to your home can be the first step towards a future infestation. Although almost hidden to the human eye, just the smallest crack between two adjoining walls will be more than enough access for local pests. You might as well have rolled out the red carpet for them if you have any food detritus lying around your yard. If you do not want to be contacting expert rat control in Sydney to remove your unwanted tenants then home prevention should be the first step. There are some really quite simple ways to pest-proof your home which need not take you long or set you back much financially. Whatever the cost, it is certainly going to be worthwhile in the long run.

Seal All the Gaps

It is genuinely quite remarkable how small a crack a mouse can squeeze itself through. However if you are the victim of an infestation which has taken hold then you probably won’t be marvelling at their acts of contortionism, Given that, you need to go around and check the entirety of your house for all gaps. Make sure to do this systematically so you don’t miss anything. All of your hard work could become undone if you have missed a spot. Consider more than just the walls and doors and give the drainage areas and eaves of the building a check too. Remember pests they can climb.


Our homes can develop clutter, it’s inevitable. That in itself is not a problem but leaving areas of clutter for periods of time can quickly turn into a problem. Rodents will use these areas for shelter or places to sleep. Consider also how big of a problem leftover food can become. This will be an absolute magnet for all types of pests and you need to ensure you clean up well. Ensure that your trash is sealed at all times and be mindful of bad smells generated from any food waste. These odours can be readily picked up by various pests and they will be a dinner invitation for them.


One factor often not immediately associated with pest infestations is damp and water leaks in your home. Rodents are attracted to moisture and so if any parts of your house have these issues you will need to deal with these immediately if you are to successfully pest-proof your home. Obviously this will be maintenance which should be high up your to-do list anyway because this can bring all manner damage to your property.

Lay Traps

Even if you haven’t spotted any rodents it would be wise to lay a couple of traps around your home. Better to be safe than sorry as they say. A few well positioned traps can be a very cheap and effective way of having an extra layer of protecti

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