Things to do in Perth - Swan River and Fremantle Cruise

  • Written by Miss

Perth might be remote but it is a huge place in a perfect location. The best way to get to understand Perth is to explore the Swan River, the city area and the amazing beaches by car. Having done that, taking a guided tour of the city is the way to start to understand the history and the attractions of one of the World's most remote cities.

A must see is the coast that is to the West of Perth. Trigg beach is a standout. Fish and chips from the kiosk is a must.

A tour will ensure that you learn about the things that you might want to come back to. To fully explore Perth will take more than a day. Allow a week if you can.

Tours of Perth's attractions and the unique Fremantle features are an excellent way to get to know the capital of Western Australia.

Enjoy some of the most popular highlights of Perth City and the stunning Kings Park. This essential tour also showcases the eclectic and cosmopolitan hub of Fremantle and includes a Swan River cruise.