NON, Release Their Latest Innovation

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Connoisseurs Of The Unconventional, NON, Release Their Latest Innovation

NON8 is equal parts zingy, fresh, rich, and maddeningly moreish.

A new expression designed for sipping on warm weekends.


Continuing to redefine the wine occasion, NON announce the next iteration in their stellar line up of wine alternatives, no booze. Their first and long-awaited innovation in the last two years, NON8 (like the seven original and popular bottles before it) is made with bold flavours of the natural world. Boasting hero notes of torched apple and oolong, this beverage is equal parts zingy, fresh, rich, and maddeningly moreish.

Launching with the turn of the season, NON8 is an apple-based beverage employing winery techniques involving apple skin contact. Something of high minerality and high acidity, yet pleasant on the palate. Founder, Aaron Trotman, and his expert team took to cold steeping freeze-dried apple cubes (sourced locally from Red Hill orchards in the Mornington Peninsula); a process which removes 85% of the apple’s water content and therefore concentrates the remaining fruit flavour. This forms the body of the beautiful amber liquid bottled in NON8, before Keemun tea, Oolong tea, cacao nibs, burnt sugar, ginger root, and Murray River salt are delicately added at varying degrees and strengths.

NON have declared that NON8 is the first release of the 2023 Spring/Summer capsule collection. A creation by Aaron (Founder) and expertly crafted by Nick (Head Maker). This marks the start of NON’s special limited-edition series that challenges consumers to think differently, more sensorially, about the drinking experience. If we can make really luxurious and considered choices in fashion, design, and homewares for example, why can’t this mood-bearing approach be applied to the culinary world as well?

"We had this idea for NON8, one that became irresistible as it took shape. It hinges on the natural cycle of ingredients, hence the anticipation. It's bold and sharp, making it the ideal start for our capsule collection. We're diving into uncharted taste territories, and I'm eager for everyone to join us on this gastronomic journey."  Founder of NON, Aaron Trotman.

NON8, best served chilled in a wine glass, is said to be the perfect accompaniment for poached lobster, creamy pasta, grilled vegetables, or spicy asian cuisine. A balmy backyard soirée in the making. Between this new beverage and NON’s existing range of expressions, there truly is something for everyone.

Real taste. No booze. NON8 is available to purchase from September 21, from $30 RRP. Head to www.non.world to learn more about the brand, their offering, and add a beverage to cart today.


Torched Apple & Oolong





RRP $30 AUD per bottle


Orchard Apples, Caraway Seed, Cacao Nib, Oolong, Keemun, Burnt Sugar, Ginger Root, Murray River Salt, Verjus



FRUIT: 24 hour cold steep of freeze-dried apple cubes, sourced from Red Hill farms in the Mornington Peninsula. Freeze drying removes the 85% water molecules from the fruit, which concentrates the flavour. Cacao nibs are also steeped cold and then hot to extract maximum flavour and add richness to the nose.


TANNIN: A mixture of Keemun Tea and Oolong tea gives tannin as well as an extra step of floral and woody notes. Ginger comes through at the end to offer a small amount of extra bite.


SALINITY: Murray River salt provide salinity and creates a moorish sensation.


ACID: Verjuice from Semillon grapes from the Barossa Valley, Australia.


BALANCE: Sugar with salt is used to enhance all the flavours. Sugar is taken right to the edge to give an incredible depth of flavour whilst rounding out the mouthfeel.



Still. Amber liquid, rich nose, crisp apple acidity.



Chilled in a wine glass.



Poached Lobster, Creamy Pasta  (VE). Grilled Veg (VE, VG). Spicy Asian Cuisine.


Planned special meal, summer weekends, nights out.