Great Expedition's Tastes and Wines Tour

  • Written by Miss

Tasmania is not like any other part of Australia. It has its own climate and landscape. Being cut off from the mainland for thousands of years, Tasmania has evolved into a unique tourist destination. It has its own fauna and flora as well.

Where ever you start your Tasmanian visit or holiday, there is always something new to see. As we often say, joining an organised tour is a perfect way to learn about Tasmania and the many popular local attractions. Guides have vast amounts of information that they enjoy sharing with their guests.

Hobart city is fun to explore. It is not huge, so it will not take very long to get around. Be sure to get down to the waterfront for sightseeing, the market and food.

When you want to get out of the city, Miss.com.au recommends Great Expedition's Tastes and Wines Tour.

Cool climate and long summer days encourages the growth of Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Noir of the highest standard. Tasmania is the perfect location for sparking wine and the results have made the French envious.  Each vineyard has its own unique style and simply visiting them is an experience in itself. Join us to experience just a small part of the delights that Tasmania offers.