How to Have a Safe and Comfy Road Trip

  • Written by NewsServices.com

We’ve officially survived a year in a pandemic. This means most of us have been stuck at home with a bunch of canceled trips and events. But since the situation with COVID-19 is getting better in many places, you can slowly start planning some trips. Still, public transport and international travel are not recommended, but you can satisfy your need for travel with local trips. The best way to explore your state or country and stay safe is to go on a road trip.

Practice safe stops

You will probably make plenty of stops to explore the area, stretch and grab a bite to eat. When pumping gas at a rest stop, it’s best to touch as few things as possible. When you’re done with using a facility or service, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. When possible, avoid using cash and opt for credit or debit cards.

Examine your car

Before you embark on your adventure, you need to make sure your car is in top shape, because the virus is not the only source of danger. You can change oil, check fluid levels and examine tire pressure yourself or take your car to the local mechanic.

Car Hire

When looking to hire a car for your next road trip make sure to choose the right and comfortable one. If you are travelling with your entire family, you will need to look for a 5 seater SUV hire with an active traction control, spacious cargo area and improved child safety features like ISO-Fix child seat anchorage so you can enjoy your trip from day one.

Equip your car

To have the most comfortable ride, make sure your car is equipped with all the necessary accessories. If you’re going somewhere off-road, install a bull bar and winch, pack shovels and grab a long-distance radio. If you’re sticking to paved roads, you can also do a few modifications to make your road trip a little more interesting and comfortable with accessories like remote-controlled mufflers that can be adjusted according to your volume preferences. When you want to enjoy a sports car ride, set up a higher sound level, and if you want to relax and enjoy the silence, set up a lower sound setting!

Carry sufficient fuel

If you’re planning a remote road trip, always have a can or two of fuel. Whenever you pass a gas station, don’t be lazy to pop by and fill up your car. If you’re driving somewhere populated, you don’t need jerry cans of fuel, but make sure to study your route in advance.

Check your accommodation

You can easily book your accommodation online or if you are feeling really adventurous, camping is always a great choice. It’s fun, exciting and relaxing and it can really take your vacation to another level.