Michael Hill Proudly Unveils New Capsule Collection Featuring Diamonds From The De Beers Code of Origin Trusted Source Program

Forming an integral part of Michael Hill’s journey towards Corporate Social Responsibility, the global  jewellery brand has announced that it is proud to carry a first to market range of diamonds from the  De Beers Code of Origin Trusted Source Program. These diamonds are available in a stunning capsule  range within The Solitaire by Michael Hill Collection. Setting the standard for the most classic  engagement ring style, the Michael Hill Solitaire is a masterpiece of perfect balance and outstanding  brilliance, designed to showcase a diamond to its utmost beauty.

This compelling capsule features an array of premium diamonds in luxurious carat weights, set in 18kt  gold or platinum. The range is crafted in Australia with the platinum rings cast in Sydney and hand finished within Michael Hill’s in-house Brisbane workshop; while the gold styles are crafted entirely in house. 

Diamonds from the De Beers Code of Origin Trusted Source Program reflect De Beers’ deep  commitment to social and environmental responsibility, giving the wearer additional peace of mind  and a diamond that they can be especially proud to own and wear.

The De Beers Code of Origin provides assurance that the wearer’s diamond:

• Is a natural diamond, discovered by De Beers.

• Was discovered in Botswana, Canada, Namibia or South Africa, where it has helped provide  jobs, healthcare and education, with a particular focus on programs supporting women and  girls.

• Is conflict-free and meets De Beers’ industry-leading ethical standards.

• Has helped protect the planet through wildlife conservation and De Beers’ commitment to be  carbon neutral by 2030.

“At Michael Hill, responsible and ethical sourcing have long been a key focus. Sustainability initiatives  continue to be a critical part of our ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility program, and we are  proud to introduce this range of diamonds with the De Beers Code of Origin. Enabling choice for our  customers will always be a priority at Michael Hill,” said Michael Hill CEO, Daniel Bracken. 

Executive Vice President of De Beers, Stephen Lussier, says “The De Beers Code of Origin provides  assurance that your diamond is natural and conflict-free, was discovered by De Beers in Botswana,  Canada, Namibia or South Africa, and has played a direct role in our Building Forever sustainability  mission. We’re proud to work together with Michael Hill on the launch of this exciting new program  that will connect customers with the positive impacts their diamonds have made on people and the  planet.”

The capsule collection will be available across select stores in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and  further information can be found via https://www.michaelhill.com.au/sustainability/code-of-origin.