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Why Your Food Business Should Switch to Eco Friendly Togo Containers

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With more people turning towards sustainability, they expect eco-friendly options when dining out. By selecting suitable eco-friendly take out boxes for your restaurant, you can meet this demand while simultaneously decreasing waste production and cutting down on costs.

These containers are commercially compostable and break down quickly in commercial facilities, while being grease- and leak-proof for food preservation. Read on to learn more about why you should have them under your roof.


Reusable food containers and to-go boxes offer an eco-friendly alternative to disposable boxes, with many restaurants and businesses now providing these eco-friendly boxes as a means of reducing plastic waste. Dishwasher safe, HD BioPak eco friendly togo containers can be easily sanitized using just water and soap solution and used to transport cold foods or beverages without breaking the bank. This makes this specific product perfect for fast food eateries as well as any businesses offering meals on-the-go!

These containers come in an assortment of sizes and styles to meet the needs of all kinds of restaurants, from microwave-safe models with lids for protection to those designed specifically for serving salads, sandwiches or foods with moderate sauce or moisture content. Some even feature clear hinged lids ideal for sushi service or other colorful foods.

Consider how patrons will dispose of used boxes after use when selecting the most suitable reusable ones for your restaurant. For instance, boxes which cannot be microwave-safe and commercially composted may not be ideal solutions.


Eco-friendly takeout containers, cups and bags are becoming more prevalent among restaurant patrons due to concerns about climate change. Many customers want to reduce their carbon footprint; many customers are even willing to pay more at restaurants that prioritize sustainability - this makes offering eco-friendly food delivery boxes and takeout boxes all the more important!

Bamboo containers are among the most eco-friendly takeout container choices, being biodegradable and compostable - ideal for soup, sandwiches and even ice cream! Recycled paper boxes may also be chosen; these tend to be heavier and more durable than their plastic counterparts and make an excellent way of transporting hot or cold foods.

Polypropylene food delivery containers are an ideal option, as this high-grade material can withstand liquid and heat without cracking under pressure. Ideal for most restaurant and grocery store orders, polypropylene boxes (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/feb/18/are-plastic-containers-safe-to-use-food-experts) provide cold or hot food items without risk of breakage or spillage - even biodegradable to-go boxes from certain brands are microwave and freezer safe! Some manufacturers even make greaseproof fiber clamshell containers which prevent leaks.

However, compostable food service ware does have its drawbacks. Although labeled biodegradable, they don't break down in backyard compost bins and must be sent off to commercial composting facilities in order to break down and be recycled effectively. Some compostable products may contain trace amounts of conventional plastic that creates challenges with recycling programs.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions on dine-in customers, many restaurants have increasingly turned to food delivery for orders, creating more waste. Now there are eco-friendly takeout containers available that can help restaurant owners reduce their environmental footprint. It is essential that you find one that meets the needs of your business; consider how customers will discard the container after use; look at cost as one factor.

Eco-friendly boxes can be an excellent way to promote your restaurant or business as environmentally responsible and draw younger workers who value such companies. Many cities require businesses to switch over to plant-based compostable; if this law exists in your city; consider making the switch as soon as possible.

Make sure that all boxes are disposed of appropriately. If they are labeled compostable like this, that means they should be placed into a commercial compost bin rather than being mixed in with regular trash - they will not break down otherwise! If patrons cannot access commercial compost bins for whatever reason, offer them alternatives like paper or cardboard food containers as alternatives.


If you want to go green with your takeout containers and to-go boxes, selecting eco-friendly materials for them may seem daunting. The answer ultimately rests with how your customers handle the packaging after eating; choose something commercially compostable or recyclable such as bamboo and bagasse, made from biodegradable material which are both eco-friendly as well as cost effective and long-lasting as they have leak-proof and grease-resistant coatings as well as being microwave and freezer safe!

Once your menu is decided upon, consider which eco-friendly containers would work best with hot or cold food items. Saucy dishes might require leak-resistant boxes; think about how often your customers will repurpose it before it breaks down.

If unsure, eco-friendly liners for food boxes are available and suitable for most types of foods; some even made from bioplastic like PLA plastic that is plant-based and commercially compostable! Plus they come with different colors and patterns to fit with the theme of your business!

University of Michigan researchers have recently conducted a groundbreaking research project that you can see here, which demonstrated how reusable containers outshone single-use alternatives in terms of emissions, energy and water use. Life cycle analysis was used to compare various container types including polypropylene and silicon as well as bagasse (biodegradable sugarcane pulp) containers; their performance eventually caught up with single-use ones after four to thirteen uses; more effective use can be encouraged through incentives like meal discounts or deposits.

Utilizing eco-friendly to-go containers is an effective way for restaurants and businesses to reduce their environmental impact, but they still must be disposed of responsibly; recycling should always be the preferred method. One solution available through some private companies provides sturdy plastic reusable containers which eliminate single use clamshells - collected, cleaned and returned back for reuse by restaurants.

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