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Mr Vitamins has just launched your new secret weapon(s) - Vit Kits

  • Written by MISS.com.au

Outside Of The Box, Inside Of A Box: ‘Vit Kits’ Will Be Your New Secret Weapon(s) To Hit Your Health Goals

One of Australia’s most trusted health food and supplement retailers has released five holistic product bundles, designed to boost your body 

Are you looking through a slew of supplements but not sure which ones to choose? Australia’s leading natural health retailer, Mr Vitamins has released your new go-to guide to picking the supplements fit for you. 

Convenient and caringly curated, Mr Vitamins launches five new Vit Kits to make health and wellness simple, without breaking the bank. From skincare to sleep support, there's a Vit Kit to suit you, tailored to your goals and lifestyle. 

The world of vitamins and supplements can be overwhelming. Between vitamins, herbal supplements and multivitamins, you may have trouble deciding which products are best for you and understanding how to select the highest quality product. Vit Kits take the guesswork out. Rather than buying one product at a time and hoping for the best, you can rest assured knowing that each Vit Kit has been born to target and address a common health ailment. 

Inside each Vit Kit, there are three natural health products selected by qualified naturopaths and nutritionists, which can be easily integrated into your daily routine. Whether you’ve got kids at home over the school holidays and want to be on top of your game, or you want your kids to be on top of theirs; there is a Vit Kit catered to your needs. 

Qualified Nutritionist Christina Hanley says that Vit Kits are perfect for those looking to dip their toes into natural remedies or those who already integrate supplements into their everyday lives. 

“As a nutritionist, I am constantly turning to holistic products that I know and trust for myself and my clients to boost immunity and support overall health, which is exactly what Vit Kits are designed to do,” Ms Hanley says. 

“Each bundle contains quality natural supplements that aid in whatever it is designed to do. For example, Vit Kit Skin contains New Nordic Collagen Filler which is a skincare tablet providing the skin with nutrients; Renovatio Skin Remedy which combines activated phenolics, burdock root extract, vitamin B5, C and zinc to help relieve inflammation; and Nature’s Sunshine Horsetail supports collagen production and promotes hair, skin, and nail health.” 

There are five conveniently boxed and lovingly crafted Vit Kits making their way into Mr Vitamins stores throughout Sydney and online: Sleep, Skin, Kids, Calm and Soothe.



If you find it tough to doze off at night, Vit Kit Sleep helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, with a suite of supplements to support you to unwind, drift off, and wake up feeling refreshed.


  • Herbs Of Gold B Complete Sustained Release 120T
  • Herbs Of Gold Magnesium Forte 120T
  • Herbs Of Gold Sleep Ease 60T


RRP $89


Vit Kit Skin helps elevate your complexion from the inside out, with supplements to aid the vitality of your skin, hair and nails.


  • New Nordic Skin Care Collagen Filler 60T
  • Renovatio APSKIN Skin Remedy 30T
  • Nature’s Sunshine Horsetail 100C


RRP $89


To support your children’s growth and development, Vit Kit Kids was designed to provide essential nourishment for their little bodies and brains.


  • Spring Leaf Lutein Aussie Kids Gummy 200g
  • Fusion Health Kids Nutrient Ninja 50T
  • Herbs of Gold Children’s Fish-i Care 60C


RRP $49


Vit Kit Soothe is packed with products made of Manuka Honey which is known for its anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties to soothe your body from the inside out.


  • Manuka Health Manuka Honey MGO700+ - 250g
  • Manuka Health Honey and Propolis Oral Spray - 20ml
  • Manuka Health Manuka Honey Drops - Lemon & Ginger - 65g


RRP $99


Say sayonara to stress and hello to calmer days with Vit Kit Calm. Made to defend against stress and help you recenter yourself with this supplement trio designed to support healthy adrenal and immune function support; promote a calm state of mind; and aid restful sleep.


  • Planet Organics Calming Tea
  • Rest & Quiet Calm Spray
  • Wanderlust Ashwagandha Drops


RRP $89


Vit Kits are available to purchase from $49 in Mr Vitamins stores and online at https://www.mrvitamins.com.au/collections/vit-kits. Whether you struggle with your skin, sleep or to stay away from sickness, Vit Kits are there to help you through life with ease.