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A brand new wellness category has emerged in Australia. SHOJO, a line of Australian-made wellness shots, including Turmeric Tonic and Red Ginseng Tonic are inspired by Asian concepts to target specific modern lifestyle needs. Developed by the team at Rogue Beverages in line with leading nutritionist, Nikki Hart, and backed by peer-reviewed medical journals, the 100mL shots are formulated to support physical and mental functions, whilst also tasting great.

In developing SHOJO wellness shots, nutritionist, Nikki Hart, worked with the Rogue Beverages team to incorporate emerging nutritional science with Asian and indigenously used natural ingredients, used for centuries for their healing properties.

“There are so many natural, proven ingredients with incredible healing properties which, when combined, offer ongoing health and wellness benefits. SHOJO is an example of mixing together a handful of highly effective ingredients to achieve optimal results every day,” said Ms. Hart.

Named after a mythical Japanese sea spirit known for his healing powers and vitality in living life to the fullest, SHOJO was developed by a group of senior executives with a combined 70 years’ experience in the FMCG and beverage market. The wellness shots category, which is estimated to be worth a staggering USD $68 billion dollars globally, was an opportunity for Rogue Beverages to establish a high-value wellness shot category for the Asia Pacific market, targeting domestic and Asian consumers.

Having spent years living in Japan, co-founder, Sean Cunial was inspired by his Japanese colleagues’ ability to deliver an energised day of work after a night out, thanks to their daily shot of wellness.


Australians live in a fast-paced, busy world, so we need to stay on top of our game and revitalise ourselves in work and life. Our wellness shots are specially formulated and are a natural, healthy alternative to “quick fix” products to give your physical and mental health the daily boost it needs,” said Sean.


SHOJO 100mL tonics retail from $3.95 and are available via www.shojotonics.com and in select retailers across Australia, including Woolworths Metro, IGA, Harris Farms, Mr Vitamins and BP Jack & Co and Jasbe.