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Seeing Red; The Best Drops To Serve At Your Next Dinner Party

  • Written by Jody Liddle, Jimmy Brings Category Manager

Don’t be the one to slam a box of cask wine on the dinner table when a few (new) friends gather, because rumour has it, first impressions last. Sharing a meal is one powerful way to connect, making others feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but it’s the wine selection - and a considered one at that - that will take your night to another level.

If a lack of booze knowledge has left you staring blankly at the shelves, we’re here to help. After chatting with Jody Liddle, Jimmy Brings Category Manager, we’ve hand-picked five beautiful and robust reds to consider for all upcoming winter dinner parties.

Cat Amongst The Pigeons Fat Cat Shiraz

Fat Cat Shiraz is a highly decorated wine from the illustrious Barossa Valley. With a nose of foxy floral aromas, followed by a palate of poignant plums this devious drop will float your proverbial boat.

Tastes like: Purple.

Feels like: First place.

Impress your friends with an award winning wine, Fat Cat Shiraz from Cat Amongst the Pigeons is made from superior grape that produces an intense flavour rich in plum, blackberry and a hint of spice that you expect from a classic Barossa Shiraz.”

$31 RRP AUD per bottle

$56 RRP AUD per 2-pack (save $5)

$99 RRP AUD per 4-pack (save $25)

El Sonador Tempranillo

El Sonador is the dreamer, the fantastical mystic, with their head in the cloud, and their heart on their sleeve. This wine is for those who live so in the moment, they can't see what is just around the corner.

Tastes like: Dark red, mysterious fruits.

Feels like: A premonition.

Tempranillo is a full-bodied dry red wine native to Spain, it is medium to full bodied and similar in flavour to Shiraz.”

$24 RRP AUD per bottle

$43 RRP AUD per 2-pack (save $5)

$77 RRP AUD per 4-pack (save $19)

Ciao Bella Sangiovese

An excessively crisp and ferociously flagrant Sangiovese from Italy. The rich notes, fully body and treacherous tannins will give your palate the sting it deserves.

Tastes like: Overconfidence.

Feels like: A dangerous intersection.

Sangiovese is a versatile wine bold flavoured wine that pairs well with nearly all savoury food, particularly tomato-based dishes, making it suitable for any dinner table.”

$23 RRP AUD per bottle

$41 RRP AUD per 2-pack (save $5)

$74 RRP AUD per 4-pack (save $18)

Macho Gaucho Malbec

An unquestionably succulent Malbec from the hyper adrenalised Mendoza region, with altitudinous cherries, deep chocolate and level headed spice.

Tastes like: The Summit.

Feels like: A persuasive argument.

An Argentinian favourite, Malbec is fast becoming a favourite among Aussies too. With intense cherry, chocolate & spice flavours it pairs perfectly with steak or a roast.”

$23 RRP AUD per bottle

$41 RRP AUD per 2-pack (save $5)

$74 RRP AUD per 4-pack (save $18)

Wine pairing can be so much more relaxed than anticipated; no need to fret, just order one of the above delicious drops to please any parched crowd. Better yet, save yourself slogging to the bottle-o and order directly from Jimmy Brings. Download the app today via the Apple App Store or Google Play…your empty cart is waiting!