See Adelaide on the Cafe Cruise By Square Mile Tours

  • Written by Miss

Adelaide is a rather small city by Australian standards but there are a lot of attractions to see. The city is built on the banks of the Torrens River on a flat plain that still has vast areas of parklands with walking and bike trails. If you want to learn about Adelaide and enjoy coffee and culinary delights at the same time, this bike tour is the way to go.

Adelaide coffee is fast becoming world renowned, even getting recognition from the Melbourne gurus. No matter where you are in Adelaide, you’re within a few minutes of a top-notch cuppa… That is, if you know where to look. This leisurely ride around the CBD and through the parklands will take you to some of Adelaide’s most respected cafes and a few lesser-known venues. We've partnered with Treadly Bike Shop to cruise the streets of Adelaide on their brand new, folding Brompton bikes.