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Revealed: How To Fast Without Going Hungry

  • Written by Charlotte Lewis

There is a way to fast without going hungry but still achieve the same health and weight-loss effects, leading Australian nutritionist Donna Aston has revealed. 

Known as nutritional fasting, the game-changing diet enables you to eat nutritious foods while “fasting” from any foods that have a significant impact on insulin levels. 

It enables you to remain nourished, but at the same time promotes visceral fat loss because it reduces the body’s reliance on glucose – meaning the body turns to its fat stores for fuel. 

Insulin resistance is at the heart of gaining weight. Following a nutritional fasting diet effectively reduces insulin resistance, which can also mitigate type 2 diabetes symptoms and relieve inflammation.  

Nutritional fasting can also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and improve liver function. It improves on other fasting diets, such as intermittent fasting or water/juice diets, by doing away with long periods of hunger or having to remember what hour or phase of the cycle you are in. 

Intermittent fasting stands out as a more adaptable and sustainable method for weight management compared to many other diets. It proves to be an effective strategy for women aiming to boost their overall health and well-being explains Marine Melamed, R.D. Nutritionat Lumen.me

Whether you're new to fasting or an experienced practitioner, it's important to recognize that intermittent fasting for women involves distinct hormonal and metabolic differences that can present unique health challenges when trying to lose weight.

And nutritional fasting is more effective than “monotonously counting calories” as it focuses on the science behind the metabolic impact of foods, and how each affects your body’s microbiome and hormones. 

Aston says, just like we need breaks from the routine of our day-to-day lives to relax and recharge, our bodies need time out from the “constant churn and metabolic stress of the digestive process”. 

“Nutritional fasting is nothing to fear, although it does terrify people who associate fasting with hunger pains and starvation,” Aston says. “It’s a different pathway to access stored fat more readily, especially visceral fat around the organs, and mobilise it or get it working better for you as energy. 

“At the heart of this process is reducing the body’s reliance on glucose by lowering insulin levels.

“Rather than enforcing long periods without food, nutritional fasting selects foods for their low impact on insulin levels, allowing you to consume optimal nourishment while reaping the benefits of fasting.  

“Meal timing and obeying your circadian rhythm also plays a critical role in this process.” 

Aston, who is also a best-selling health and fitness author, has designed a “nutritional fasting” method as part of her ground-breaking AstonRX program. She says Western diets which are high in refined carbohydrates make us “totally reliant” on glucose for energy. Coupled with a lack of exercise, it can be a recipe for poor health. 

But, she says, when we eat “a diverse range of vegetables and good quality protein”, we switch the balance away from glucose and “the body starts looking to the fat stores for the purpose they were deposited – fuel”. 

“One of the main ways to initiate this switch is to incorporate nutritional fasting into your life,” Aston says.  “That’s when you start to see the body functioning much better and weight starts to shed as a welcome bonus. 

“The highs and lows of glucose dependence disappear, and the painful ache of hunger subsides because your body is always calling on the right tank for fuel.” 

It is part of Aston’s revolutionary online program which is turning weight-loss on its head by taking the focus off counting calories and instead using science. AstonRX.com is individually tailored to improve metabolic function and gut health with what she calls the “lovely” side effect of rapid fat loss. 

Aston, who has previously worked privately with a host of celebrity and business clients, describes the program as “the instruction manual for our body that we never got”.  

Aston says the benefits of nutritional fasting are many – with the scientific data to prove it. 

Nutritional fasting gives cells a chance to repair, reduces insulin resistance and inflammation, promotes fat loss and improved liver function, reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, and removes waste material from our cells. 

“You also lower the risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or completely reversing the disease progression by allowing your body the opportunity to fast,” Aston says. 

“Once your body is working as it should, which only takes a few days to reset, you welcome the opportunity to let your body take a breather.” 

Find out more at: https://astonrx.com/