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Sports activities have a charm that involves passion and compassion worldwide. But the Australian people accept every sports activity with great acclamation, applause, and enthusiasm. The county- rich in cultural values- loves to celebrate every small sports activity, which makes this place more enthusiastic for the youngsters passionate about choosing sports as their career. Apart from soccer, Tennis, or cricket, Australians have also accepted gambling as a sport now due to a large number of casinos. Want to know more? Visit: https://au.crazyvegas.com/.

Considering the versatility of sports in the continent and the passion of youth make Australia a teeming place for sports pursuits. Here are 5 most popular sports in Australia:


One of the most popular sports in Australia, Netball, has been played since 1898 and is loved by all types of genders. The number of children playing this sport is at about five hundred thousand while the adults fall in 300 to 350 thousand regularly. Since 1960, fourteen netball World Tournaments have been played, and the Australian Nation Team, i.e., Diamonds, has won 10 out of them.


Australia bears all seasons and is blessed with plenty of sports activities during the summer season. Among all, cricket has been on the top of the list. Australians also deal with cricket as a beach and backyard sport due to the abundance of beach and coastal areas all around the country.

The number of children indulged in sports is around 630 thousand and 330 thousand adults who play cricket regularly in the country- and as a backyard sport.


Being an enthusiastic nation, the Australians love playing Basketball, making #3 sports all over the country. The famous Australian sport 'Basketball' was first introduced in the country in 1897 and has been a significant hit for the past few years among the people. Australian basketballers have contributed much and made it to one of the most significant leagues in America, which popularized this sport all over the country. The number of children playing this enthusiastic sport is near 1 million.


Tennis, played by 960 thousand people, falls at #4 on the Australian competitive sports list. Grand Slam Tournaments have been a significant hit in the past few years and are a reason for fame for this sport on Australian soil. The Australian Open tournament has increased the nation's love against Tennis which helped in 2019 and is attended by 790 thousand Australians.


Soccer has been played in Australia for a century, and it has received utmost attention and fame in the past few years. And do you know soccer is the most-watched sport right now in Australia? Moreover, the Australian soccer grounds have witnessed many big names head-to-head, increasing compassion among the nation. One example was 2015 when Real Madrid and Manchester United came head-to-head, and about 100,000 Australians attended the match.