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Aussie mother of two, Sophie Pearce, is known for co-hosting the successful parenting podcast Beyond the Bump. The podcast sees Sophie dish the realities of parenting alongside co-host Jayde Couldwell. Along with the success of her podcast, Sophie has amassed more than 30,000 Instagram followers, who follow her for her realistic yet aspirational outdoor lifestyle.

When it comes to living an eco-friendly lifestyle, Sophie says it’s unrealistic to try and be perfect, so she is sharing her tips to make eco-friendly lifestyle changes in an easy and practical way for other everyday mums.

“We are definitely not perfect when it comes to being eco or plastic free, but I think the pressure to always do it perfectly can stop people from making any changes at all”.

Sophie’s incorporated a number of simple and easy eco-friendly adjustments into her lifestyle, including using Beyond by BabyLove’s eco-friendly nappy pants, which are made with soft organic cotton for delicate skin, contain PEFC certified pulp from sustainably managed forests and are produced in solar-powered factories that produce zero waste. Some additional eco-friendly changes Sophie has made include:

  • * Shopping at bulk food stores and markets for her family’s snacks (nuts, dried fruits and seeds)
  • * Using re-usable coffee cups for takeaway coffees
  • * Switching to eco dishwashing liquid and laundry detergents
  • * Using durable glass storage containers over flimsy plastic ones so they last longer
  • * Creating a fun “mystery box’ challenge with her husband, seeing them use up what’s left in their fridge to reduce fresh produce wastage

When it comes to the pressure that Aussies feel to make more sustainable choices, Sophie says “I don’t think feelings of guilt and shame are ever a good way to get people to make changes. I take the approach of changing one little thing at a time so that it never feels like a big change or a huge inconvenience. I think if people make changes just because they feel guilty then they are never going to last”

Sophie’s approach to her weekly shop is to slowly change to eco-friendly goods, such as subbing out your little ones’ nappy pants to Beyond by BabyLove, so you don’t feel the pressure or financial difference too much. She believes that although it may be more expensive initially to go eco-friendly, in the long run the expenses even out, as you generally use less, and the products tend to last longer.

She adds “There’s also so much choice with eco-conscious products nowadays that they aren’t as expensive as they used to be”

We asked Sophie what considerations she’d recommend to those starting out on their eco-friendly journey, and although she doesn’t claim to be perfect, she advises to “start out small with one thing at a time. Question the things you buy and do through habit and think if there’s an easy switch you can make. Don’t try to be perfect.”

Mums looking to make the switch to Beyond by BabyLove can view the range and its list of eco credentials here: https://babylovenappies.com.au/our-products/beyond-by-babylove/


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Aussie mother of two, Sophie Pearce, is known for co-hosting the successful parenting podcast Beyond the Bump. The podcast sees Sophie dish the realities of parenting alongside co-host Jayde Couldwell. Along with the success of her podcast, Sophie has amassed... Read more

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