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There is no better time to shop for Christmas and save money than on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With these events approaching, we're thrilled to share Skylight's Digital Frames discounts. The promotions will run from Friday, 17th November, until Sunday, 3rd December 2023, and those who use the exclusive discount will get up to 30% off. These are the details:


  • 30% Off Discount Code: BFCM30  
    • This discount code will work for the 10-inch frame: $249 → $174.30   
  • 25% Off Discount Code: BFCM   
    • This discount code will work for the 15-inch frame: $399 → $299.25  
  • Where to purchase:   
    • Skylight Website  (Start: Friday, 17th November 2023 / End: Monday, 27th November 2023)    

    • Amazon Australia (Start: Monday, 20th November 2023 / End: Sunday, 3rd December 2023)    

About Skylight Frames:     

With a mission to make this season's gifting exceptional and meaningful, Skylight's digital frames offer a unique way to preserve and display cherished memories. Skylight's frames are an international success - they are the number one Amazon's best-selling brand of digital photo frames, have sold 1 million units and connect a community of over 5 million people globally. Here are some of the frames features and numbers: 


  • Effortless Image Upload - Easy to use, users can send images via email or a dedicated and intuitive app.    
  • Instant Images - Preload your favourite photos without ever unboxing Skylight. When the recipient plugs in, they will immediately enjoy the images.     
  • Wireless Convenience - It can store up to 8,000 images offline (although Wi-Fi is required to upload pictures).     
  • Customisable Experience - Zoom, crop, curate albums, and adjust slideshow preferences from speed to sequence.    
  • Versatile Display Options - Users can place it on a stand or hang it on the wall – the images auto-rotate to match the position.   
  • Enhanced Visuals - The new 15-inch frame has a higher resolution of 1920×1080, making the images appear even sharper.     
  • Beyond Photo Display - Play videos, create montages, summarise monthly memories, and allow interactivity via messages.    


Who is Skylight?  

  • Two visionary friends from Harvard Business School founded the company in 2014. They became frustrated by the lack of easy-to-use, connected, functional and stylish digital frames and decided to create their own from scratch. Find more details at Skylight | Digital Picture Frames | Skylight Frame