• Written by Adala Bolto – founder of ZADI

We already know women can do exactly what men can do in fitness we also need to recognise that although we are capable and able to do so, our bodies are built differently to men’s and it would be in our best interest to work out specifically for our body shapes.

Working out in favour of our bodies can simply be done with some tricks and suggestions, here are 5 movements to reduce and replace:

Isolated Leg Exercises

Whilst we love a good burn in our legs, isolated just the one leg at a time can lead to a disproportionate muscle build in our lower bodies. Rather than isolated leg exercises undertake a series of lunges which will allow practice for balance and encourage our entire legs to engage with each other.

Sit Ups and Planks

Although sit ups are a go-to movement for many people, isolating just our abdominals might not lead to the most effective workout. Rather than engaging just our abs, undertake a plank in replacement this way our stomach and hips are extended, working out the entire torso.

Light weights

We can all admit that using light weights means we can undertake more series of bicep curls for example, however this can in some cases cause more harm than good. Too much of one movement can increase the risk of injury, which is why you should try replacing your lighter weights with some heavier ones. Heavier weights being used can ensure your movements are slower and more controlled, therefore much more effective.

Single leg squats

There’s squatting, then there is single leg squatting. Similarly, isolating one leg at a time can actually exhaust your quad more so due to the lack of balance. Try double leg squat or even a series of donkey kicks to engage not only your legs but your glutes too!


Whilst this movement is a great way to stretch and engage, many people perform this incorrectly which may lead to lower back pain. Instead of superwoman, undertake a glute bridge which can help strengthen your back whilst providing a good stretch.

Written by: Adala Bolto – founder of ZADI