• Written by Niki Clark

Tammy Hembrow has launched her much anticipated At-home Booty V2 workout via her fitness app, Tammy Fit.

The new program can be done anywhere with minimal equipment and has been introduced into the app after Tammy was inundated with requests from fans and  Tammy Fit users for more booty workouts during the coronavirus lockdown.


Tammy Fit has been downloaded by over a million people and has seen a huge spike in downloads since lockdowns began – with a 94 percent growth in downloads since March.

“I have included loads of new exercises,” says Tammy. “It’s the perfect program to do after the original home booty. I get so many DMs asking how to target your side booty – so have added a workout completely focussed on that area. I’m really excited about this program.


“I think the booty program has been so popular because you can do the workouts anywhere with minimal equipment and it has always been appealing for mums that can’t make it to the gym. 


“Plus, a lot of women are intimidated by the gym so prefer to workout at home. All you need is a set of dumbbells!”


Even without dumbbells, Tammy says your body weight alone can see amazing results. 


“Booty Bands are great at activating your glutes, I would definitely recommend incorporating them into your workouts,” she adds.


 “If you want to grow your booty you definitely need to be in a calorie surplus to gain muscle, these calories should come from clean nutritious ingredients like lean protein, complex carbs and green leafy veg. Pushing yourself with your weights also is going to create curves. You need to be lifting as heavy as you can!

“I would say about three times a week focus on your booty and then add in other workouts for different areas like upper-body or abs. It’s good to give your booty a rest to let the muscle repair and grow.”


“It IS possible to build the body you want. It takes time, consistency, challenging yourself, and FOOD!!”

The Tammy Fit app features workouts (including Booty workouts) designed for use at home and in the gym and includes:

  • Workout Programs with timers/videos

  • Home + Gym Programs

  • Individual Workouts

  • Nutritionist-designed Meal Plans, including Family Meals

  • Healthy Treats

  • Smoothie Bar

  • Macro Calculator

  • Weight/Strength tracker

  • Step + water tracker

  • Constant updates & much more

The Tammy Fit 8 Week Challenge
 starts on Monday, 17 August. It’s a home-based, minimal equipment workout targeting alternating muscle groups all over the body (focus on booty). A combo of Tammy’s favourite app workouts, it includes HIIT, boxing workouts and stretches and a selection of new ones designed especially for the challenge.

Every week, there will be giveaway products from Tammy’s favourite brands, competitions, exclusive discounts for challenge participants to motivate them along the way, and the winner of the challenge with the most points will be awarded a $5k cash prize. Second prize $3k, third prize $1k. 

The winner’s $5k prize will be matched equally with a donation to charity close to the challenge champion’s heart, and $5 from each signup goes to funding lifesaving projects at i=Change. 


A mother to two children by the age of 22, Tammy has created a global fashion, health and fitness business empire within the short time frame of three years. Tammy earned her fame by documenting and sharing her post birth workouts. She is now one of Australia's biggest influencers, with over 11 million followers on Instagram (the rest are Hollywood A-listers) and over a million on YouTube – platforms she has leveraged to promote her health and fitness brands. As well as Tammy Fit, her empire also includes her athleisure clothing range, Saski Collection, and Hanging with the Hembrows podcast.