Now that summer is here we have been waiting months to finally have some more time outdoors in the sunshine. Whilst we enjoy our time in the sun, sand and nature this is also the season we can typically see our skin to shift in its texture and appearance. The exposure to sun, heat and water can typically leave our skin feeling dehydrated and thirsty. Here are 4 products from RosehipPLUS to keep your skin hydrated this summer

All rounder oil

Finding an oil based product that targets multiple skin concerns in the one bottle might just be your skins saviour this season. Rosehip Oil targets dehydration, pigmentation, elasticity, scarring, ageing and much more due to its certified organic, high quality ingredients sourced from the southern regions of Chile.

Cream cleanser

As we expose our skin more to salt water and chlorine in the summer months its important that we are cleansing our skin with something gentle, yet effective to avoid drying it out even more. Organic Daily Cream Cleanser is blended with essential oils to assist maintain the skins ultimate moisture balance whilst gently removing impurities and dirt from the skin.

Hydrating day cream

Whilst sunscreen is crucial in our skincare routines, especially in summer, sunscreens can also dry out skin out. Whilst that is no reason to not apply sunscreen, there are products you can use underneath your sunscreen that can help keep your skin hydrated. Hydrating Day Cream has been formulated to maintain the skins softness and improve the appearance of dry and sensitive skin.

Night cream

As our skin is exposed to the environment during the day, our nigh time skincare routine is essential is treating your skin as you sleep overnight. The Nourishing Night Cream helps to promote skin recovery overnight with its blend of shea butter, and oils to help lock in moisture and deeply nourish the skins surface while you sleep.