With one in seven women in the ACT tested for gestational diabetes impacted by the condition, and the risk of type 2 diabetes being 8 times higher among women with gestational diabetes, these figures make it clear that there is a strong need for women to have easy access to resources that support their health - before, during and after pregnancy.

This is the concerning data that led Diabetes NSW & ACT to partner with corporate wellbeing organisation Springday, to create a unique digital platform providing on-demand resources for women based in the ACT.

Launched 10 months ago with initial funding from the ACT Government, Capital Chicks CANberra has quickly become a significant new digital health resource for women in the ACT. The platform inspires ACT women to tap into healthy living tips, resources, events, programs, workouts and more online – anytime, anywhere, in an attempt to prevent disease such as gestational and type 2 diabetes, or just live healthier and happier.

Results from a recent survey conducted by the Women’s Centre for Health Matters and Diabetes NSW & ACT into the benefits women experienced using Capital Chicks CANberra proved online wellbeing platforms can successfully educate and inspire Australians to make healthier choices.

Key highlights from the survey include:

  • 59% of women were more aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for reducing the risk of GDM and type 2 diabetes; with 76% of these women also reporting they were able to change their behaviours.
  • 70% of women said they were more aware of the effect excess weight can have on reducing their risk of GDM and type 2 diabetes.
  • 71% of women who used the platform were able to identify the changes in habits and lifestyle behaviours they needed to make to reduce their risk of GDM or type 2 diabetes.
  • Almost 50% of women reported that they had made a healthy change, and of this percentage, 33% reported they were preparing healthier meals, 32% were doing more exercise, and 26% were eating less sugary, salty and fatty foods
  • An overarching 61% of women reported they felt more able to manage their health and wellbeing after joining the platform

Natalie Smith, General Manager Diabetes ACT, said “Women in the ACT told us that it would really help if they had health information at their fingertips and that’s what Capital Chicks CANberra is all about.”

“The app gives women access to podcasts, recipes, stories and workouts helping to keep them active, motivated and healthy,” said Natalie. 

CEO of corporate wellbeing organisation Springday, Dipra Ray, said he is very satisfied with the efficacy Capital Chicks CANberra has on educating Australians on making better health choices, proving that digital wellbeing programs are the way of the future.

“One of the best things about Capital Chicks CANberra is that the platform can be access anytime, anywhere, complementing appointments with health professionals,” said Dipra.

“At Springday we’re determined to make health and wellbeing more easily accessible for all Australians.

“Our partnership with Diabetes NSW and ACT demonstrates just that, and the positive role a digital platform can play in educating the Australian population on making better health choices.”

For more information regarding Capital Chicks CANberra, visit https://capitalchickscanberra.com.au/

About Diabetes NSW and ACT

Diabetes NSW & ACT is the only charity in NSW that cares for people with all types of diabetes. We provide educational programs, support, advocacy services, and fund vital research into better treatments and the search for a cure. For more information contact Diabetes NSW & ACT on 1300 342 238, or visit diabetesnsw.com.au.

About Springday

Springday is a people first  digital wellbeing provider, helping empower organisations to understand and motivate their people to be happier and healthier by providing the technological platform, content and strategy. Springday delivers engagement solutions that create a sustainable, thriving workforce and a visible culture of care.