• Written by MISS.com.au

The Body Shop has launched a revitalised makeup collection that encourages people to confidently embrace their true selves.

Anita Roddick, The Body Shop’s founder, always championed beauty as a form of self-expression and famously said “Beauty is an active, outward expression of everything you like about yourself

And it couldn’t be more true. In fact, a recent study revealed that compared to other generations, Gen Z associated beauty more closely with intrinsic values like confidence and individuality. So concepts like inner confidence (44%), being comfortable in your own skin (44%), and embracing yourself (36%) carry more weight.

The new collection from The Body Shop is designed to embrace this vision of beauty and challenge the way we look at makeup. Instead of it being a tool for perfection, it can be used as a tool to express who you really are.

The range is colourful and it’s simple. It’s natural looking and it’s full coverage. It’s bold and it’s barely there. It’s designed to give you the freedom to be you, whoever and however that may be.

Laura Keane, Global Head of Product Development at The Body Shop said “We believe that being truly confident doesn’t necessarily mean being extroverted. It’s about being 100% our authentic selves, without conforming to society’s pressures to look a certain way. Our new makeup collection is designed to celebrate this, giving our customers the freedom to discover what makes them uniquely confident and able to take on the world. Perfection is not the goal, authenticity is.”

The new range includes 40 shades of liquid foundation, 40 shades of powder foundation and 20 shades of concealer, plus bold, bright, multi-tasking colours created to flatter every skin tone.

And it’s powered by skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, tea tree oil and vitamin C, known for hydrating, purifying and brightening, so you can feel confident in your skin.