If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we live in a worldwide interconnected village. We are all now familiar with the term ‘chain supply,’ and for anyone who wants to support Australian made and owned beauty products, a-beauty offers a curated edit of Australia’s premium beauty brands.

Celebrating the best of Australian beauty

“We only support authentic all-Australian products, and we are proud to partner with 40+ beauty brands,” says Parker. “We are committed to changing the perception of what ‘Australian made’ looks like in the beauty space, and there is a genuine hunger to support our homegrown brands.

“The term ‘Australian Made’ has always been a badge of honour, but it hasn’t necessarily coincided with a stamp of luxury in the past, but the Australian beauty industry has come a long way. The quality of homegrown beauty brands coming out of Australia are now second to none and a-beauty is flourishing with brands that put premium ingredients, hardworking formulas and luxurious experiences at the heart of their ranges.

“The Australian beauty scene favours natural beauty in every sense of the word - pure natural ingredients, au naturel looks and the embracing of the best version of ourselves,” she says.

Shop Australia’s latest summer fragrance

We are all after finding that ideal summer fragrance. Who Is Elijah’s latest EAU fragrance, is a time capsule of summer nostalgia and the thirst for escapism is described by the a-beauty founder as "It’s literally an Aussie summer bottled."

With a quick spritz you can expect to get lost in the all the summer feels. Think fresh, tropical and woody. Making for the ideal option when looking for long hot summer days and balmy nights that last forever.

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