• Written by Neutriderm

Although summer brings good times and fun, it can also bring dry hair as a result of the extreme heat and the constant exposure to water. Typically our hair changes in texture and appearance between seasons, here are some tips on how to hydrate your hair this summer:

Hair Care 

Of course, products are everything. Ensuring you are using the right products to compliment the summer season will help your hair stay in shape. With more exposure to salt water, sun and chlorine our hair can typically appear a lot drier in the summer months. The Neutriderm Enhancing Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner is packed with ingredients to assist dehydrated and damaged hair. With proven results, this collection will assist to stimulate hair growth and replenish your natural hair’s hydration. 

Waterproof your hair

Did you know waterproofing your hair is actually a thing? Next time you plan on swimming in salt water or chlorine, try lathering your hair with some conditioner or a hair treatment prior to exposing your hair to the ocean or pool. The product will act as a barrier almost, before the salt or chlorine can reach the hair follicles, therefore slowly preventing the dehydration process.

Essential Oils 

Getting back to basics, sometimes using some essential oils in your haircare routine is particularly helpful in the summer months. Coconut oil for example is known for its naturally hydrating components which not only help keep our hair hydrated however can also assist in the promotion of length, strength and shine!

Regular hair cuts 

Although some people try to reduce the amount of hair cuts they have, this might actually be the key to keeping your hair hydrated this summer. Removing the dead ends off your hair can promote hair growth, thus encouraging your hairs natural hydration and strength to kick in!

Sun protection 

Although hair sunscreen doesn't exist (yet), we can take certain measure to ensure we are still able to product our hair from the damaging UV rays of the sun. The simple act of wearing a hat and having your hair tucked into it, can dramatically help keep your hair protected from drying out this summer.