We have all heard of Cryotherapy taking the wellness space by a storm but did you know you are able to target not only specific areas of your body with this treatment however now you can target your face from the comfort of your own home.

Cryotherapy as a whole body treatment is a well known solution for issues such as pain management, injury rehabilitation, weight loss and even relaxation. The freezing temperatures are able to provide our body with a handful of benefits however there are even more reasons why we should use it on our face.

Orenda Beauty have launched a Cryo Wand technology where people can treat their skin with a cold cryo application in the comfort of their own home. Set with stainless steel, Cryo Wands contain an anti freeze liquid inside reaching extremely cold temperatures. Here are some benefits of using Cryo Wands:

  • * Promotes cell rejuvenation and actives collagen production

  • * Soothes puffiness and calms inflamed skin

  • * Aids in lymphatic drainage

  • * Brightens skin and sculpts jawline

  • * Tightens and firms skin

  • * Boosts circulation and minimises pores

  • * Contours and sculpts the face and neck

  • * Helps relax tension in the jaw muscles