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In 2017, Dom Gauci set herself a challenge - draw one illustration a day for an entire year. This daily  goal propelled the young artist on a visual adventure that would kickstart a highly successful career  and art label. Fast forward four years and the brainchild behind DG Designs has now been  inundated with orders from around the world.

Born in New York and raised in Melbourne, the creativity and vibrancy of these cosmopolitan cities has been intrinsically imbedded into the artist’s DNA. Dom has the rare ability to successfully curate on-trend and captivating pieces that appeal to a global audience.

The artist formed DG Designs with a specific audience in mind - those that inspire. Movers and  shakers that seek to surround themselves with pop culture legends from the past and present. The  striking digital prints, boasting urban colours, pay homage to pro-sports stars, rappers, celebrities,  fashion, animals and style icons. The best of the best forever tributed in vibrant depictions to inspire  a future generation of hustlers. 

2020 has proven to be a highly successful year for DG Designs. The bespoke prints were recently  catapulted into the living rooms of Australians nationally – appearing on the highly acclaimed television program The Block 2020 series. Showcased in House 2, home to contestants Sarah and  George, DG Designs’ geometric interpretations of Kris Jenner, Michael Jordan, Lady Gaga and The  Fresh Prince of Bel-Air were seen embellished on the walls. A key focal point in the home and an  interior design hit with The Block judging panel.

The artist’s sensational pieces have not gone unnoticed with global and local brands commissioning DG Designs to create specially curated pieces and ranges. Dom has partnered with brands including Barbie, Richmond Football Club, Westfield, Kia Motors, Zonzo Estate and MAC Cosmetics.

The artist  currently has several partnerships in the works that are expected to be an instantaneous hit with  fans…watch this space.

Bringing her geometric pop culture moments to the homes of people from all walks of life, Dom  Gauci is a force to be reckoned with. Be inspired and add a touch of colour to your life with the  energetic world of DG Designs.

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