How to edit PDF files online and add comments

  • Written by NewsServices.com

If you want to edit PDF files online, some great programs will let you do so. These include Adobe Acrobat, Preview, and LibreOffice. These tools make it easy to add comments and edit PDF files. There is a small learning curve, but once you have the hang of it, you'll be able to make changes without a hassle.

Adobe Acrobat

You can edit PDF files online and add comments if you have access to https://www.adobe.com/au/acrobat/online/pdf-editor.html. The add comments tool lets you make notes and markups on PDF files. You can add sticky notes, highlight text, underline and strikethrough text, and more. It also lets you draw freehand drawings using the Pencil tool. In addition, you can use the floating toolbar to copy and paste the text.

You can also add images and hyperlinks to a PDF document. You can also change the page number, header, and footer. It also lets you create clickable hyperlinks. You can also add a watermark to your PDF document. If you're looking for a way to make your PDF more appealing, check out the Adobe Acrobat website.

You can also share your PDF files with other people. It is a great option for team projects. If you share your document online with others, you'll be able to see who has changed it and who hasn't. You'll also receive real-time notifications if your recipient makes changes to the file.

You can also mark your comments. Whether you prefer to make your comments visible on the entire page or just certain sections, you can set the status of your comments. Using Windows, you can also use a check mark to indicate comments. If you're editing a PDF file online, you can include or exclude individual pages from your comment.


Consider LibreOffice if you are looking for a free software program to edit PDF files online. This free software will allow you to edit and annotate PDF documents online and download them to your computer. After downloading the program, you can add text, annotate, or create forms. The editing toolbar in LibreOffice allows you to make changes in PDF content as you see fit. The program will also let you insert, rotate, and crop pages.

If you use Mac computers, you have a few options for free software to edit PDF documents online. Okular, available in the KDE software repository, is a basic tool. It can be installed from the software centre or downloaded from the source code from KDE. Another option is Scribus, which offers the basic features to edit PDF files.


The software lets you fill out PDF forms online and download them once you're finished. The software also supports downloading blank PDF files so you can fill them out offline. The software is easy to use and offers several editing tools. With the help of the tools, you can easily add, highlight, and erase text. It also lets you sign documents.

This tool offers many features and is free to use. It also includes templates for various documents and offers many editing options. Some software features include the ability to redact unwanted text, add highlights, and insert your signature. Several file conversions are also possible.

Another great feature of this tool is its wide selection of legal documents. It includes 500 legal forms. Moreover, it offers an email signature tool to create a professional-looking signature for your documents. Although the service is relatively new, it already has many users and positive reviews.


If you have a Mac and are interested in editing PDF files online, you can use Preview. This free program has some limitations, but you can still add text to PDFs and change fonts, colours, and sizes. It can also line up text boxes with page text.

Once you've added text to a PDF, you can also add comments. The commenting tools include a textbox, an underlined word, and a speech bubble. Related comments are displayed in the sidebar on the right. You can also highlight, underline, strikethrough, or delete words.

If you're editing a PDF online, you can add comments to the file without altering the original file. First, open the file in Preview and click on the markup toolbar icon. From there, type your comments. You can even move the text box to another part of the PDF.


Smallpdf has a simple web interface with a toolbar at the top, a home page, a menu, and stored documents. It also includes a search feature. The toolbar comprises a set of rectangular tiles you can click to select. The workspace will display recent documents you need to sign.

While Smallpdf is a free online PDF editor, its editing capabilities are limited. You can only add text, images, and four shapes. It is not much for editing a document, but it is a great choice for those who want to edit a small PDF file online. However, this tool will not let you add comments if the document is more than 50MB. It also does not allow editing files over 50 MB or containing more than 200 pages. You must use a paid service if you need to edit files larger than these limitations.