Cosmetic Medicine

Three-time Olympian and co-founder of Happy Healthy You, Lisa Curry, is on a mission to help women to ‘find their own gorgeous’ with the launch of her brand-new skincare range, Happy Skin by Lisa Curry.

Happy Skin by Lisa Curry is a holistic cosmeceutical skincare range, formulated with professional-strength active ingredients with probiotics to restore natural, glowing skin as nature intended.

The four-step skincare routine includes an antioxidant hydrating cream, antioxidant cleanser, collagen boosting serum and exfoliating mask. The new range joins her successful Happy Healthy You line of natural products designed to support healthy hormonal balance.

After years spent in the pool during her swimming career, Lisa said the combination of harsh chemicals in the water and long-term exposure to the sun left her skin feeling dull.

Spending a lifetime in the water and sun has had harsh effects on my skin, so I was determined to create a range of products that are simple to follow and don’t contain harsh chemicals -” Lisa said.

What makes these products different is they contain a unique blend of probiotics and active ingredients to support anti-ageing and optimum skin health for all skin types.

Skin cells change with age - they stop doing what they’re supposed to do which can lead to ageing and skin degradation. Active ingredients help trigger cells to do what they should be doing to support skin health, while probiotics assist in regulating the skin’s naturally occurring hydration and bacteria balance as well as encouraging natural collagen production.

In developing this range, I have learned there are many products currently in the market that may make your skin feel nice for a moment, but unless the ingredients are absorbed into your skin, they’re unlikely to make a difference to your skin’s overall health,” said Lisa.

Our skin is our largest organ, regenerating every 28 days by shedding off dead skin cells every day. This proves to me that with skin-nourishing foods and effective skincare, we can all have glowing skin.”

The three most crucial factors to having great skin at every age is to prevent future damage when you’re young, to maintain your skin’s balance at all ages through nutrition and good skincare, and enhance your skin with active ingredients as you age.

To help customers achieve skin-optimal health, Happy Healthy You’s expert team of Nutritionists and Naturopaths have developed a unique Optimal Skin Guide to support customers in repairing and enhancing internal mechanisms to achieve radiant, glowing skin.

Happy Healthy You Nutritionist and Naturopath, Renee Grandi, said diet plays a major role in achieving healthy, glowing skin.

What we put into our bodies is reflected on the outside, which is why it is important to care for your skin from within,” Renee said.

Foods such as bone broth, carrots, blueberries and seafood are full of nutrients like collagen, beta-carotene, and vitamin C which are proven to boost skin health.

Our Optimal Skin Guide includes a seven-day meal plan which are rich in superfoods and super nutrients scientifically proven to support beautiful and radiant skin. The introduction of these skin-nourishing foods into your diet, which is then supported by cosmeceutical skincare, is key to achieving radiant skin.

We want to provide people with the education and products to make informed health and wellbeing choices for their individual needs to live healthier and happier lives, on the inside and out.”

Healthy skin is not an overnight process. Be patient and be good to your skin, inside and out. You will wear it every day for the rest of your life,” said Lisa.

All products in the Happy Skin by Lisa Curry range are made in Australia, without preservatives, sulphates, petrochemicals, artificial colours and are cruelty-free. The range includes:

  • CLEANSE - Antioxidant Cleanser Professional-Strength with Probiotic

  • EXFOLIATE - Exfoliant Mask Professional-Strength with Probiotic

  • BOOST - Collagen Boosting Serum Professional-Strength with Probiotic

  • REVIVE - Antioxidant Hydrating Cream Professional-Strength with Probiotic

Customers will also receive a complimentary Optimal Skin Guide plus meal suggestions with their first purchase of the complete collection.

For more information about Happy Skin by Lisa Curry, please visit: https://happyhealthyyou.com.au/collections/happy-skin-by-lisa-curry


Happy Healthy You is an Australian-based health and lifestyle company, established by Olympian, Lisa Curry and Naturopath, Women's Hormonal Specialist and Author, Jeff Butterworth, to provide women with information and natural alternatives to hormonal imbalance.