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Ever had those Monday morning blues when you’ve looked in the mirror and realised that your skin’s tired, dull appearance is letting the world in on the fact that you had a big weekend? That the boozy girl’s weekend or trip to the winery the day before is showing up on your face?

Sylvia Crouch, founder of cosmetics clinic, Angel Aesthetics based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast offers us the lowdown on exactly what is ‘hungover skin’, and how we can avoid it after a long boozy weekend or a night out on the town. Sylvia is an expert when it comes to treating your skin and recognising what her clients really need. Many of us probably don’t realise the effects of alcohol on the skin as we’re too busy worrying about a morning after headache.

Hungover skin is quite literally a hangover for your skin. We’ve all experienced a sore head, nausea and tiredness that often follows a big night out, but these hangover feelings also apply to our skin.

So what does it look like and what does it feel like? Hungover skin can look a little sad and dreary; appearing tired, dull and dehydrated. The luminous glow and healthy bounce to the skin is no more after one too many G&T’s! As obvious as it sounds, alcohol dehydrates the body, meaning our skin also pays the price where it can often look puffy, red and blotchy with a dull or uneven tone to it - not ideal for anyone!

Sylvia enjoys a glass of red just like the rest of us, so fear not as she has shared with us some simple tricks she swears by, that won’t break the bank and your skin will really thank you the morning after the night before…

  1. Hydration station: Hydration is key! Any chance you get to drink water - DO IT! Sylvia says she’s made a habit of filling a tall glass of water with ice to sip while she gets ready for a night out. Really making an effort to up your water intake throughout the day before heading out for a wine infused night with your mates.
  2. Cleanse: Don’t overcomplicate it, use a non-abrasive cleanser to remove any dirt or makeup and oil from your skin. This might be an obvious one, but there are many who never cleanse but lather on the serums, night oils and moisturisers layer after layer, so whatever you do, don’t do that!
  3. Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid serum is your best friend! One trick Sylvia shares is to make sure the skin is damp with water to allow the hyaluronic acid to absorb into the skin.
  4. Vitamin C serum: This a great way to brighten the complexion, as well as using a hyaluronic acid serum, make sure you apply a brightening Vitamin C to give your hungover skin a brightness boost! When using Vitamin C serum the face needs to be dry, so the best application is after your hyaluronic acid serum has dried into the skin.
  5. Coolness: When our head is pounding and you feel hot and bothered this is perfect for that but also the perfect skin treat. Get an ice cold face cloth and place it over the skin to reduce puffiness and redness.
  6. SPF: If there is one key takeaway Sylvia has to offer it is always wear broad-spectrum SPF. UV damage can make hungover skin appear even worse. Let’s be honest no one ever wants to look hungover and unfortunately sun damage can in fact make us look more hungover even if we had three margaritas versus five!
  7. Nutrition: Greasy food and takeaways are calling for us from the moment we wake up after a night out, but Sylvia sets the record straight and tells us that those leafy greens we wish to avoid on a hungover day are more important than ever for our skin.

From one skincare fanatic to another, if you follow these tips and tricks, hungover or not, the glow and radiant skin will come naturally. Will we now think twice about ordering another cocktail or pouring that extra glass of wine? Probably not, but at least we have all the tools to treat and lessen the signs of hungover skin right from home. Angel Aesthetics has a range of beautiful treatments including Healite therapy, dermal filler and anti-wrinkle packages if you want to go the extra mile with your skin.

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